KEI Marketing and Consulting | Services
Marketing, Business Development, Event Management, Conferences, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Expos, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Galas, Seminars
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KEI provide business development consultation to enhance and support meetings proactively guiding clients through entire process. Our comprehensive services reach a far-ranging client base such as: corporate entities, small/disadvantaged businesses, minority educational institutions, federal government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Private Sector Companies

  • Support Special Project Needs
  • Build Corporate Presence and Image at Educational Institutions
  • Change Management


Government Prime Contractors

  • Support Outreach Requirements for Minority Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

  • Coordinate Student Professional Development, Internship, and Coop Placement Programs


Community and Business Outreach

  • Diversity Outreach
  • Manage and Coordinate External Advisory Boards Activity
  • Capstone Events, Business Networking and Roundtables
  • Business Forums, Expos and Trade shows