KEI Marketing and Consulting | NTW 2014 Gallery
Marketing, Business Development, Event Management, Conferences, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Expos, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Galas, Seminars
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NTW 2014 Gallery

Mktg_KEI Poster

NTW Event

NTW_Thomas G, Lelia P, Mary G

Mary George (KEI), Thomas Graham (PEPCO) and
Pedro Alphonso (Dynamic Concepts)


NTW_Thomas G speaking (2)

Speaker, Thomas Graham of PEPCO

NTW_Theo P, Keith

Host Theo Pahigiannis and NTW guest


NTW_Theo P speaking

Networking that Works

NTW_Theo P speaking (2)

Host Theo Pahigiannis speaking

NTW_The Team

KEI Team

NTW_Terry W, Liz and Arthur

Michael Plummer, Terry Woodson (WMAA),
Arthur and Liz Nelson (PAL Construction)

NTW_Stacie S, Ed M, Teka t

Ed McKetchnie (Quick Tie), Teka Thomas
(Paxton Law Group), Stacie Shifflett
(Agility Construction)


NTW_Roland J speaking

Speaker, Roland L. Jones


NTW guest

NTW_Rob T and guest

Rob Tynes (Safe Ship)


NTW_Patricia P, Michael P

Patricia Plummer and MIchael Plummer

NTW_Nate and Casey

Nate Lewis (UGC) and NTW guest

NTW_Michelle, Tim C, June E

June Evans (CED) and NTW guest


NTW_Michael P, Don N

Thomas Goldstein (Paxton Law Group)


NTW_Michael D_Jesse W

Micheal Davis (DPMS) and Jesse Wimbush

NTW_Michael D speaking

Micheal Davis (DPMS)

NTW_Mark Coles, Guest

NTW Guests

NTW_Maria C, Pedro A

Maria Corrales and Pedro Alphonso

NTW_June E, Tatanya T

June Evans and TaTanya Todd


NTW_Jose S, P

Construction Alliance Team

NTW_John M, Jeff L, Guest

John Martin (LF Jennings), Jeff Lavore (Lanigan),
and guest

NTW_Jim S, Pedro A

Pedro Alphonso (Dynamic Concepts)
and NTW Guest


NTW_Jeff L, Lyles, Wilbert

NTW Guests

NTW_Guest, Brunson C, Jeff L, June E, Theo

Brunson Cooper, June Evans, Theo Pahigiannis

NTW_Evy E, Thomas G

Evy Edwards (KEI) and Thomas Graham (PEPCO)


NTW_Evy E, Carl E,  Brad L

Carl Evans, Evy Edwards, and Brad Lewis

NTW_Evy E, Byron R (6)

Carl Evans and Evy Edwards of KEI

NTW_Evy E, Byron R (1)

Byron Holmes (Paige Construction) and
Evy Edwards (KEI)


NTW_Evy E, Antwayne F, Lyals B (2)

Antwayne Ford (DC Chamber of Commerce),
Evy Edwards (KEI), and Lyals B


NTW_Carmen B, Liz N, Arthur N, John M

Arthur and Liz Nelson (PAL Construction,
Carmen Braxton (BEST), John Martin (LF Jennings)

NTW_Carl E, Patricia P, Carmen B, Evy E, Michael P

Carl Evans, Evy Edwards, Patricia Plummer,
Michael Plummer, and Carmen Braxton

NTW_Brunson C and Guest

Brunson Cooper (Corenic) and NTW guest