KEI Marketing and Consulting | Company Overview
Marketing, Business Development, Event Management, Conferences, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Expos, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Galas, Seminars
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Company Overview

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is built on the principle of quality.  We are dedicated to producing and delivering the most cost-effective, high impact campaigns with integrity and competence.    KEI offers an unwavering standard of excellence in our service to every client, every time.


Company Strategy

The hallmark of KEI business strategy is to integrate ourselves into your organizational culture and become an extension of your team so that we can fully understand what your objectives are and how we can transition them into successful campaigns, events, or projects. In the today’s economy, strategic alliances enable business to gain competitive advantage through access to a partner’s resources including markets, technologies, capital, and people.

Business Philosophy

The business philosophy of KEI is structured on the foundation of incorporating business opportunities, sound marketing principles, and stellar customer service when developing concepts and ideas. KEI embraces excellence in everything we do. We believe in working hard and empowering our team.